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Personal Accident

Accidents can have traumatic impact on the individual and the entire family. The impact of the accident is on multiple fronts – emotional, physical and financial. During such a situation, the individual and his family are required to act swiftly under tough crisis situations. The product is designed to reduce the impact of the incident and will provide comprehensive benefits under Permanent Total Disablement and Permanent Partial Disablement.

Upon the request of the insured, a Motor Comprehensive or Third Party policy can be supplemented with a Personal Accident cover for additional premium to cover the death or disabilities of the insured and/or family members of the insured and/or the driver and/or individuals working for the insured who are in direct connection with the covered motor vehicle while mounting into, dismounting from or traveling in the insured car at the time of the accident.

This policy covers accidental death or disablement to the insured, family members or driver within the Geographical Limits that are specified in the policy schedule.

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